The MonyZen is a time-out space where people meet at eye level. Rank and title are irrelevant.
In the previous two years, in the month of August, the festival pleasure was brought to the next level. After making our debut in 2018 with two whirlpools, a pagoda and a fireplace, our 2019 wellness area was upgraded to a Banja, a rainwater shower and a lounging area. 

Especially important in the design, is an environmentally friendly production and reusable construction.
Crew Members amongst many others: 
Tony Beyer 
Lica Dittwald
Felix Lies 
Steffen Müller

Marco Mutschler
Marie Reichert
Lasse Reinkober 

Sophia Reißenweber 
Nils Uster 
Lena Würsching 
Alexia von Salomon
Hurra Hurra Festival
Moyn Moyn Festival 2019 
Moyn Moyn Festival 2018 
Photos by Sophia Reißenweber